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payroll software

Online payroll and social security software

Free HR Payroll can help you automating up to 70% of your company's payroll management process, create contracts, taxes and social security and more.

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Free HR Payroll helps you manage your HR management easily and efficiently.

Automate the creation and management of payroll
Optimize and simplify the benefits management
Improve the HR department productivity
Accesible & updated - Security & privacy
contract management

Create contracts

When using Free HR Payroll all the information of the employees will be stored in their online profile.

Our data base will synchronize and apply the necessary conditions before creating the contract for each employee automatically.

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Payroll with flexible compensation

Free HR Payroll automates the payroll management and simplifies payslips with flexible compensation and generates SEPA files.

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tax settlements social security payroll

Taxes and Social Security

With Free HR any change or action on the employee status will be notified to the Public Organisms automatically.

The software will generate for you all the documents needed to declare taxes.

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Security and privacy

Privacy is very important for us. This is why our software meets the highest security standards in the market. Only people with the proper authorization in your company will be able to access to the employees information, contracts and payslips.

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GDPR compliant HR software

Free HR and the GDPR

We comply with the new regulation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure that all data of our users are protected at all times. In addition, our suppliers also comply with the GDPR.

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