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manage employees holidays

Time-off software

Import all the holidays of your region easily and limit (or not) the amount of days available for each worker. Employees can request their vacations through Free HR and you can moderate each request easily.

Keep sick leaves under control

Sick leaves are inevitable in your company. Manage all the documentation that you need to process the leave request of the employee and we will take care of updating the team calendar for you.

manage sick leave employees

Other time off requests

Receive notifications when an employee requests an absence and accepts or rejects your request. All the information we will show you in a useful updated calendar in real time.

Factorial vs Excel

Working with a hand crafted software for the human resources department has many advantages over excel or other generic programs. Privacy, security, cloud, support... We have a team of people dedicated to offer the highest quality and detail to our free program. Check out all the features.

Factorial vs Excel Templates

factorial vs excel
company reports

Create reports easily

Use all the information of your company and employees stored in Free HR and create reports for time off, holidays, employees and other import data in seconds. You can also export all this data in excel format to work from your computer.

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