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store contracts online

Store all contracts online

Upload the employee’s contracts to the cloud and store them in a secure environment. Only the employee and the human resources manager will have access to this information and will be able access at any time. Forget the folders and save all the contracts at Free HR.

Keep safe all the id documents

Identity documents are too important to store them on your computer. Broken computers, lost laptops...Do not miss important documents and keep them updated and handy.

keep safe ids documents
store payslips

Store payslips

How many times you almost sent a payslip to the wrong employee? It is a very important mistake that can damage the good functioning of the team. Using the Free HR payroll manager, you can automatically send a payslip to the correct employee.

More about the payslip manager

Sick leave document

Do not forget to ask for the sick leave document to the employees. With Free HR, employees can attach the document each time they report a sick leave. In addition, we will update the team calendar so you know who is out of the office everyday.

sick leave documen

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