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Travel card

Travel card

If you go to work every day on public transport you can save money every month by buying your tickets and vouchers using the transport card. Everything you spend on transportation will be exempt from IRPF.

Product description

Travel card is one of the social benefits that more economic savings means for the employee. With the card it is possible to buy titles and public transport bonds of the metro, nearness, tram, bus ... easily and at a lower price than the official rates.

  • The amount is exempt from IRPF up to € 1,500 per year
  • A personalized online system
  • Check your balance on the go
  • Create a positive influence on the environment by inviting employees to use public transport
  • No expiration and cancellation in case of theft

It promotes an intelligent and sustainable way of moving among workers that also has interesting tax advantages for companies and employees.

More info

Being part of the compensation received by the employee, the company can post the balance as childcare check as an expense. From the salary of the employees, the amount destined to transport card is deducted and it is entered in the card of each employee. When receiving this money in transportation and not salary, this amount will be exempt from income tax for the worker. It offers the possibility that employees who commute to work by public transport can save money month by month by paying their commuting and transportation vouchers thanks to flexible compensation.

Calculate your tax savings

With a gross salary of  € you can save up to 421.36 € per year thanks to the transport card
Transport card
0€ / month
125.00 €
Annual savings

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