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Gym app

Gym app

Access to all gyms in your city paying a single fee. For less money than you pay in your regular gym you can train every day in a new gym, discover new activities or just go to your gym for much less money.

Product description

With this app, your employees can enjoy all activities, gyms and wellness centers in Spain. Employees can choose from many activities such as climbing, sports massages, kick boxing, pilates, aguagym, spa...

  • The benefit that increases the productivity of workers
  • 850 gyms and recreation centers available with more than 18,000 activities. The app with more activities in big cities
  • Adapted to any type of employee
  • Unlimited access with a single pass, no need to book or request an appointment
  • 30% discount on the usual fees for 2 family members
  • Invite your friend to an activity per month with Friend Pass
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More info

Physical exercise is the best ally to combat stress and cheer you up. Now you can offer access to more than 850 gyms for all employees of the company with a 35% discount for the worker and 0 costs for your company.

With a single monthly payment of € 34.30 / month or € 51.35 / month for the employee can access hundreds of gyms and activities near the office. You are very close to improving the quality of life of the employees!

GymForLess is an application that has agreements with hundreds of gyms and sports centers throughout Spain. By becoming a member of GymForLess you can enter all available gyms and centers paying a single fee. Choose the gym, spa or activity you want to do today, and without having to book a previous appointment go to the center, show your mobile and that's it!

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